8PM Poems

A Birthday Note

Happy birthday to my dearest honey 🎂

There have been 7,670 days since you were born. We have been together 449 of those days, or about ~5.85% of your life (so far).

The past 1.23 years have offered profound growth for me. I found the most loving, devoted, and beautiful girl of my dreams. But I’ve also faced the most humbling, painful, and unrelenting sickness. I never imagined that life in Pelican Town CW would be so dramatic. The circumstances and obstacles we have faced so far have strengthened our relationship, and I do not doubt our ability to withstand whatever we face on the path ahead.

Years from now, our past will be a story –

A story of long days and lonely nights,

Hard work and lack of sleep.

We’ll live each day having intimately known

The pain of being apart,

We’ll appreciate and embrace our time together,

Knowing how lucky we are

To have made it through,

And we’ll find solace in

The promise of a future together.

We have made countless memories since we first met. They are what got me through the toughest moments when you were away.

I chose birthday gifts this year that I thought would let us craft more memorable moments while we recover, help us reflect on our journey, and prepare our souls for the odyssey ahead.

I love you, and I wish you the luckiest of birthdays. ❤️